Walk and Run Safely with Removable Spikes / Ice Grips

Yaktrax Shoe Spikes Winter Ice

Walk and Run Safely with Removable Spikes / Ice Grips

Gain Traction this Winter with YakTrax Snow & Ice Grips.

Do you remember that clip on RTE during the bad winter a few years ago where they were talking about the dangers of ice and some poor guy in the background slipped and whacked his head off the ground? It was a nasty dramatic fall and we all winced.

That clip went viral, which says a lot for the Schadenfreude of the Irish, but thankfully the guy was ok; just mortified and briefly infamous.

Pedestrians in general, and runners in particular, are going to be challenged again this winter, trying to negotiate frozen pavements without hurting themselves.

Keep Safe on Packed Snow and Ice.

Yaktrax ice traction devices feature a unique and patented design that will give you the same solid, predictable grip you are accustomed to feeling on dry surfaces. Runners, walkers, workers or anyone who faces the elements of winter will stay safer this winter with a pair of Yaktrax.

Ice grips for shoes are the smart solution, and can be used by anyone who has to get out and about in wintery weather without slipping or falling. Shoe spikes are what you need, and slip on, slip off traction aids are the simplest way of winterising your footwear, especially your beloved running shoes.

The dangers of running on snow and ice are very real, but serious athletes need to keep up their training program despite the potential for bad weather this year. The falling temperatures mean we’re due snow and ice, so if you want to stay safe it’s time to winterise your shoes with a pair of YakTrax.

YakTrax are a brilliantly designed piece of kit from the USA, where they are used to having to function in snow and ice. They are essentially a pair of slip-on traction cleats, and YakTrax come in several guises, depending on what you need them for.

Shoe Spikes Winter Ice

YakTrax Run Traction Cleats.

YakTrax Run are anatomically designed to be used with running shoes, so are ideal for people who need to keep up their training regime despite dreadful weather.

They allow you to run naturally and comfortable on packed snow and ice, using a combination of removable spikes and steel coils.

The Yaktrax Run can be worn in totally freezing temperatures – as low as -41 degrees Fahrenheit, which hopefully we’ll never see in Ireland. They are a perfect way of giving you the stability you need on slippery surfaces so your stride and balance are unaffected as you run.

YakTrax Run have studded rubber and plastic plates under the forefoot; the studs are made of strong carbide steel and the plates they’re attached to are removable (the stud plates can also be purchased separately if you ever need them).

The studs are short enough not to feel uncomfortable if you happen to hit a patch of bare asphalt, yet long enough to dig into ice properly.

On the heel part of the YakTrax Run you’ll see steel coils, which do a great job in snow and provide excellent traction for your heels.

YakTrax Walker Ice Grips.

YakTrax Walker ice grips are a lightweight framework of hand-wound, rust-resistant coils that goes on over any boot or show to give you instant traction on ice or snow, and can be used by people who just want to get around safely in wintery conditions.

Made of an injection moulded thermal plastic elastomer, the YakTrax Walkers bite down into the ice and give you much greater stability with every step, on the entire sole of your shoe. They’re easy to put on and take off, and are very light (between 45gm and 95gm depending on the size of your shoe.)

The actual coils themselves are rust-resistant steel, and they’re made of 70% recycled material so you’re being eco-friendly as well as sensible.

The outer ban of the Yaktrax conforms to the length and width of the boots or shoes you’re wearing, and the high-strength horizontal coils across the bottom provide forward and backward stability, while the vertical coil pattern provides side-to-side stability so you’re covered from every angle – in other words, 360 degrees of grip.

Putting on the YakTrax Walker Ice Grips.

It’s easiest to do sitting down. Pop one leg up with your ankle on the opposite knee and slip the front of the ice grip over the toe of your shoe; then pull the back of it up over your heel.

Once the ice grips are in place, make sure the coils are centred on the shoe. Do the same for the other foot and you’re ready to go.

NOTE: Yaktrax Walker and YakTrax Run are only for use in snow and ice, and it’s not safe to use them on any other surfaces like wood or tiles – you might fall over and you’ll probably damage the floor.

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