Let’s Bands Powerbands Max Black

Powerbands Max Black 1

Let’s Bands Powerbands Max Black

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Our robust powerband MAX in black is ideal for demanding and effective training sessions because of its higher resistance. Use this multi-purposeful band for a comprehensive stretching program, full-body workout, as well as, for strength and interval training.
Recommended for beginners, advanced users, professionals, and/or for combination training. We also recommend to buy one oft he power sets , great deal and more variation.

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Product Description

The Let’s Bands Powerband MAX in black is a sturdy resistance band and the ideal supplement to Powerbands MINI. A combination of strength training and intensive interval training is the best method to kick start your metabolism and get your body into tip-top shape. The Powerband MAX extends your training options, particularly in the field of strength training, stretching, core stability, supporting pull-ups, and High Intensity Interval Training. We also recommend Let’s Bands Powerbands SET MINI as an ideal method of extending the scope of your training for intensive full-body workouts, abs and lower body exercises, and for stability and balance training. Additionally, with the Powerbands SET MAX, you will have an entire fitness center in your bag at an unbeatable price to performance ratio.


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