G-Form – Impact Protection, Revolutionised

G-Form are a company dedicated to constantly improving your athletic experience and also to providing extreme protection for your personal electronics.

G-Form – Groundbreaking Technology

G-Form was founded by avid athletes that shared in a common vision of using advanced polymer technology to revolutionize impact protection and vibration dampening for competition. The founding team included expertise in a wide variety of sports, but perhaps more importantly expertise in polymer chemistry, 3d design, photography, mold making, entrepreneurship, innovation and out-of-the-box thinking.

The G-Form team has developed products from the athlete’s point of view — making use of state of the art smart materials and polymers to make products no one previously knew could possibly be made.

G-Form product lines have expanded to electronics protection and army/protection gear, the philosophy of innovation by and for the athlete remains.

Robbie Keane Talks about G-Form’s Revolutionary Shin Guards

Robbie Keane, Captain of the LA Galaxy and Republic of Ireland National FootBall Team, introduces G-Form’s revolutionary shin guard technology. G-Form football,soccer shin guards offer extreme comfort but at the same time also provide superior impact protection and are already the shin guard of choice for professional players around the world, as well as players of all levels.

The G-Form Pro-S and Pro-S Elite shin guards are completely soft and flexible until they are hit, and then momentarily stiffen only at the moment of impact to absorb the energy of the hit. They are also completely machine washable just like socks.

The professional football unions of over 20 nations are already in the process of supplying the new G-Form technology to the tens of thousands of their members.

Contact us at FitDist Sports Ltd to find out more about these groundbreaking shin guards. Phone 00353 1 807 5407.

Pelé Introduces Innovative G-form Shin Guard Technology

Pelé smashes bottles at World Cup host city to demonstrate new shin guard technology

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G-Form Pro S Shin Guards