Fitness Courses in 2016

Find out about our upcoming TriggerPoint and TRX Fitness Courses.

Perform Better with FitDist Sports Ltd

Fitdist is the fitness distributor of choice within Europe delivering performance, comfort and educational solutions to the fitness and lifestyle market.

Fitness Professionals – Empower Yourself with Knowledge

Part of the Fitdist ethos resides in education to complement its market leading brands. Triggerpoint and TRX lead the way in research and education and FitDist are delighted to embrace this culture.

TRX Education for Fitness Professionals

TRX Foundational Movement Coaching for Fitness Professionals Fitness professionals can take advantage of the comprehensive... read more


Setting the standards in movement and gear. TRX Training draws on leading edge research and... read more

Walk and Run Safely with Removable Spikes / Ice Grips

Gain Traction this Winter with YakTrax Snow & Ice Grips.Do you remember that clip... read more

Featured Products

  • TRX HOME Gym

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    At 1.4 lbs., the straps are made of a heavy-duty, but lightweight nylon webbing with padded handles for superior comfort. The patented design includes several unique features, available only from TRX®; 1300 lbs.-tested carabiner, equalizing and locking loop and barrel locking adjusters.

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    We believe in training movements, not muscle. We produce best-in-class training equipment and workout programs.

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    The TRX Tactical Gym delivers anchoring solutions and workouts for any situation, so no matter where your mission takes you, you never have to miss a workout.

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    Train, Empower and Support with TRX and Bright Pink.

    The TRX Pink HOME Gym and anchor comes with a workout guide plus six bonus workouts to get the professional results you want anywhere, anytime.

    All of our suspension trainers help you acheive your fitness goals, but the Pink suspension trainer also helps support a great cause – Bright Pink®

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  • TRX DUO Long

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    New TRX Duo Trainer

    TRX continues to innovate the world of Body Weight Training with the new TRX Duo Trainer .Created in partnership with best-selling author, coach and founder of the MobilityWOD, Dr. Kelly Starrett, the TRX Duo Trainer is an all new body weight system that allows you to tap into greater levels of strength, mobility, endurance, and flexibility to enhance physical performance and health.

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  • TriggerPoint GRID STK Foam Roller

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    Specifically designed with GRID® surface and AcuGRIP handles to roll, release and relieve minor aches and pains.The world’s first hand-held foam rollers wrapped in patent-pending GRID® 3-dimensional surface channels nutrients directly to the tissue for health and mobility available in two densities (STK and STK X)

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TriggerPoint™ Performance Therapy

The Benefits of Self-Myofascial Release (SMR)?

SMR can have a wide range of benefits including increased blood flow throughout the body, better movement and increased range of motion. These benefits can decrease the chance of injury and decrease recovery time after a workout. A decreased recovery time means more training sessions per week/month and results can come quicker. Increased circulation is huge for recovery and greater ROM means you get to work muscles more thoroughly on lifting days.

TriggerPoint Courses

Foam Rolling: Principles and Practices
(Level 1 Certification – 4 hours)

  • Hands On Coaching Experience
  • Cueing Application with the GRID® Foam Roller
  • Pre & Post Workout Foam Rolling Techniques

Price: €199, including GRID™ Foam Roller, Level 1 Accreditation and Training Manual.

TRX® Suspension Training

TRX Solutions for Trainers & Coaches

Unlock the power of TRX Suspension Training & TRX Education to grow your fitness business. Create fun and innovative classes that are adaptable to all fitness levels. Maximise your revenue with group TRX classes and keep your clients coming back for more. FitDist Sports Ltd are running a series of TRX Courses over the coming months. Find out more today!

TRX Official Training Courses

  • TRX Suspension Training Course
  • TRX Functional Training Course
  • TRX Group Suspension Training Course
  • TRX Rip Training Course
  • TRX RIP Trainer

    out of 5

    Develop a powerful and rock-solid mid section with the TRX Rip Trainer. Get fast, fun, effective workouts and develop rotational strength that mirrors the way you move in sport and in life.

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Let's Bands Resistance Bands

Let’s Bands Powerbands: A Gym in a Bag

Powerbands from Let’s Bands, available from FitDist Sports Ltd are high-quality resistance bands that allow you to workout anytime, anywhere.

Athletes of all disciplines who want to increase strength, speed, agility and will see major improvements with regular use of Powerbands resistance bands.

Powerbands improve all movement, making you more dynamic and ‘explosive’; and you can tailor your Powerbands workouts to ensure you perform at peak level.

Powerbands for Athletes

Athletes of all disciplines who want to increase strength, speed, agility and flexibility will see major improvements with regular use of Powerbands resistance bands.

  • Get the benefits of resistance training in a portable and affordable size.
  • Effective and versatile training tool to increase strength and stability.
  • Warm up, general conditioning, stretching, and flexibility.
  • Build muscular endurance.
  • Maximise body weight workouts.
  • Let’s Bands Power Set Max Resistance Bands

    out of 5

    The power set MAX includes all three Powerbands MINI and our Powerbands MAX. This set enables you to carry out all of our exercises and workouts. There are simply no limits to the variety of movements that can be brought to your training regimen using powerbands.

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  • Let’s Bands Powerbands Mini Resistance Bands (3 Bands Set)

    out of 5

    The power set MINI contains all three powerbands with light (yellow), medium (green), and strong (blue) resistance strengths. This set enables you to carry out a variety of our exercises and workouts. You can easily determine your training level on the basis of the different strengths.

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  • Powerbands Mini Blue

    out of 5

    The Powerbands MINI in blue has the heaviest resistance and is optimal for advanced or professional users, or for combining with other bands. The blue band is ideal for lower body exercises bringing your workouts to the next level.
    Recommendations for advanced, professional, and/or combination training can be found in the description below. We also recommend to buy one oft he power sets , great deal and more variation.

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